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While  the slides that would be of
historical significance to us in Region 21 may  be a
small percentage of the 80,000 slides, and of little
value outside  of Region 21, I hope and trust that we
will be given ample opportunity to  evaluate them
before the distribution is made.  There may be  several
slides of great importance to the history of  Region
Thanks much for your consideration,
Gary White
RVP  Region 21

Thanks for the response.  60,000 of them are still at Gormley's so I  am sure 
it can be arranged for Region 21 to review them.  Guess we should  have asked 
you to attend one of our intensive but fun review sessions!   Even with light 
tables we were bleary-eyed.  
The Harder slides went first to Cal Reuter, who told me personally that  
Larry wanted them to go to AIS and not TBIS.  An important percentage,  maybe 15%, 
were really AIS archive slides.  When Cal died, Jerry Hoke in  Kansas City 
secured them (he is TBIS Slides Chairman but has an open mind) and  made them 
available for Region 18 and MIS review.  We sorted and  categorized them by iris 
classification, people, scenery, other flowers/plants,  etc.  I saw little of 
historical significance to Region 21 except in the  people category.  I 
honestly believe I have more slide pictures taken in  Nebraska & S. Dakota gardens 
than did Larry.  Not Iowa or N. Dakota  though.  The value of his slides is 
national in nature.  He went  everywhere!  And to many other flower society 
conventions and garden  centers and botanical gardens, etc.  
In any event, get in touch with Rita Gormley. 
Jim Morris

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