AIS Library Policy and Procedures

The Hager/DuBose Estate will create a substantial but
as yet unknown amount of money for the AIS Library
available each year. It promises to make the library a
substantial AIS institution. But with every
opportunity there are associated problems. For
example, the library is an AIS entity but the estate
will have the AIS Foundation administering its funds.
It is a situation similar to the US presidency and the
congress. I would propose that before money is
available and is begun to be allocated that the AIS
board and the Foundation create a written set of
policies, procedures and standards. In this way both
groups along with the librarian and the library
committee can function without continual action and
reaction on the part of the three groups. If the
goals, policy and standards are set in advance, life
should be easier for all concerned.

The Hager slides already cry out for some policy to be
in place. I would suggest that they be archived in the
library. Although the AIS slide program chair should
obviously have access to these, I believe the archive
itself should reside in the library for two reasons.
First the library is a relatively permanent place
whereas slide chairman changes and slide sets run the
risk of loss with changing locations. Second there
will be funds available to the library for duplication
and/or scanning of the slides and the maintenance of
the archive. 

I am not jumping the gun on policy, especially
concerning slides since these are already in hand.
They require cataloging, scanning so they can be used,
and storage. They are many decisions that need to be
made concerning how this will be done and some funds
needed to accomplish this. There are scores of issues
around this that should be resolved, so the AIS and
the Foundation understand how the archiving and
accessing this data will be accomplished. 

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