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Re:  Historic & Current Slides - What to do with them, distribute  to 
Sections?  AIS Library Archive?  etc. 
When I first responded to this and the CC list I couldn't figure out how to  
include the rest of AIS Discuss participants so I am doing so now.  For  those 
who already received this, my apology.  I just felt this needed  distribution 
to the entire AIS Discuss list.  Maybe someone will have an  idea or (gulp!) 
might volunteer to help.
Jim Morris
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In a message dated 12/11/2006 7:18:34 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
GormleyGreenery writes:

Maybe the coordination of Section efforts is yet another issue for the  
Section Liaison Chair?  Ignoring the issue is not going to make it go  away and I 
fear for the information being lost forever.

I don't think so.  I've got plenty on my plate.  A couple of  years ago or so 
I reviewed all the Cliff Benson slides (around 6,000 secured by  Ray 
Keisling) culling out family, scenery,  movie stars, seedlings and  unknowns.  I 
passed about 1,500 slides on to Bill Mull who was then AIS  Slides Chairman 
(predecessor of Avery Poling, currently Programs Chairman  including slides, speakers 
& digital).  Bill converted many of them to  digital form.  I then did the 
same with about 5,000 Dorothy Palmer slides  (secured by Clyde Hahn) culling 
them down to about 1,000 slides.  It was my  understanding that Avery was now in 
charge of this.  
Next came the Larry Harder slides secured by Jerry Hoke.  Larry had  been AIS 
Historian and his AIS collection included 5,400 slides from Jake  Scharf, 
unknown numbers from Earl Roberts, Alta Brown, Ada Buxton and various  others.  A 
group of Region 18 members spent 100 man-hours last year in  Liberty, MO at 
Judy Keisling's home reviewing the almost 80,000 slides.   20,000 of them 
(mostly tall bearded irises) were returned to Hoke and about  60,000 of them were 
then more closely reviewed and categorized this past weekend  at Rita Gormley's 
home by another team of Region 18 people and Perry Dyer, MIS  president.  
This was done in preparation for the Median Iris Society's  special Spring 2007 
Historic issue of The  Medianite.  Approximately a thousand or so slides were 
selected  for digital scanning which Rita Gormley is in the process of  doing.  
It is my opinion that these slides are invaluable and a rich resource for  
researchers that should be appropriately addressed by the AIS Board for  
archiving.  What a trip down memory lane it was to see both people and  irises from 
our iris history.  This shouldn't be lost to  posterity. 
Jim M.   

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