Re: Protocol

Bruce; no apologies needed. We are a volunteer group
and I would not want the pressure I had in the
corporate world to answer all e-mails every morning
and evening. I understand now everyone carries
blackberrys and messages have to be returned within
the hour. The world has gotten a little crazy. I was
just suggesting that it just would be nice to see
responses within a week. This of course is a voluntary
standard. It will often be different since the real
world often intervenes as you have discovered. I was
really trying to understand what the expectations of
the others board members were. I have already been
chastised by one person for trying to impose my
standards on the group. I do not wish this to be a
topic of discussion. I will try to answer any e-mails
directed to me personally within a day or two, except
when I am out of town or on holiday. General e-mails
such as on discuss will go unanswered unless I have
something to contribute. If someone does not get a
reply from me in a week you might assume I have lost
the post in the scores I get each day.
--- wrote:

> Hi Bob:  If my lack of reply to your earlier e-mails
> led you to raise this question, please accept my
> apologies!  It was not intentional failure to reply,
> just a computer problem.  I'm catching up with
> things today in the order in which I received them,
> so just wanted to let everyone know that I have NOT
> dropped off the face of the earth, even if it may
> have seemed that way!  A belated Happy Thanksgiving
> to all, Bruce
> -------------- Original message -------------- 
> > Common courtesy; E-mail is very easy to use.
> Because 
> > of that I consider it very simple to reply to any 
> > e-mail sent directly to an officer or director. I 
> > understand that not everyone checks their e-mail
> every 
> > day. But after a week, unless someone is out of
> town I 
> > expect at least an acknowledgement of a receipt of
> > message. Is this unreasonable? I am trying to 
> > understand protocol among the directors and
> officers. 
> > 
> >
> > To sign-off this list, send email to the AIS
> Secretary 
> > 
> To sign-off this list, send email to the AIS
> Secretary

To sign-off this list, send email to the AIS Secretary

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