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Yes, Jim and all, info will be in the January Bulletin.  Bruce

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> I assume everyone on the Board knows that the Italian Iris Society is 
> planning a symposium on garden irises in conjunction with its annual 
> competition in 
> 2006. Maretta Colasante invited me to submit a paper to the symposium, and I 
> just competed and sent it to her. It is titled "The Father of Garden Iris 
> Culture" and it explains how Christiane Filloles, Anne Marie Chesnais and I 
> were 
> able through research to discover biographical information on 
> Marie-Guillaume de Bure, the man who launched the iris as a popular garden 
> flower in 
> France in the 1820s. The first chapter of my book on the early history of 
> garden 
> irises, which is now being edited by the publisher, is a biography of de 
> Bure 
> and his famous iris 'Buriensis'. 
> I was very pleased with the action of the Board to give the Warburton Medal 
> to the Italian Iris Society and Prof. Orsi, Margaret Cameron Longo and 
> Valeria 
> Romoli. Well done, Board! 
> Ciao, Clarence 
> This was news to me. I hope Bruce gets some mention into the AIS Bulletin 
> International News. 
> Jim M. 
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