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Dear Irisarians: I would like some feedback. The Iris library in the Iris Encyclopedia has reached a benchmark of sorts. We now have almost 500 catalogs in the catalog portion of the library and together with other articles that makes over 1,000 items in the library. The catalogs can be accessed as a gallery under the word âcatalogâ in the index on the left bar. I am still working on a section under nurseries that would allow you to find catalogs by Nursery. In the future I may have catalogs listed also under the different types of Iris, only a thought for now. Of course ultimately, you will be able to type in an Iris name in the HIST web and be given a list of all catalogs that offered it, but that will be a ways off. For now I would like to know if the current presentation works for you. Also I need help in finding copies to scan of the hundreds, dare I say thousands of catalogs we have yet to upload. Note I would like to upload all current catalogs each year so that w!
 e can maintain the database into the future. A quick link to the gallery is here;      
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